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Air Choice One takes delivery of $2.7 million next generation Cessna Caravan

St. Louis, MO: March 23, 2017 – In a move to enhance their fleet, service and expand markets, Air Choice One has taken delivery of a new Cessna Caravan 208B-EX in St. Louis, MO. In an inaugural flight, Air Choice One CEO, Shane Storz, flew the new craft from their headquarters in Witchita, KS to St. Louis on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. This is the 4th plane Air Choice One has purchased from Textron, with a price tag of $2.7 million. This 8-passenger seat plane will be placed in the current route system, flying in and out of St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis.

“This new air craft is a perfect fit for the markets we serve and has a high reliable dispatch rate,” said Shane Storz, Air Choice One CEO. “At Air Choice One, we have a commitment to, investment in, and creation of a next-generation regional airline that ensures smaller cities maintain connectivity with the national air transportation system and global economy, as well as restore service on local commuter routes with proven demand that have been abandoned by large carriers,” said Storz. “It is our mission to provide the best service not only for our customers, but also for these markets and cities.”

In the past 25+ years, more than 2,700 Cessna Caravans have been delivered to customers across the world. Cessna has continuously enhanced the Caravan and the “Cessna Caravan EX” version delivered to Air Choice One is equipped with a larger PT-6 turboprop engine that provides increased payload capability, faster rate of climb and higher cruise speeds.

The new aircraft is equipped with the all-glass Garmin G1000 avionics suite incorporating Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), which includes topographical displays of terrain, visualization of other air traffic, and real-time data from both aircraft and engine that improves situational awareness and trend monitoring to facilitate pre-emptive maintenance that reduces flight delays and cancellations attributable to mechanical issues. The advanced capabilities of the Garmin 100 include higher flight completion rates, even during the most challenging weather conditions, as well as enhanced levels of safety and comfort to passengers.

The new aircraft includes TKS anti-ice/de-ice systems that exude glycol-based fluid through laser drilled holes on the leading edge of the wing and other critical surfaces. The fluid prevents precipitation from adhering to the aircraft, further enhancing both safety and operational reliability. Customers will experience the big plane feel for both them and their baggage. The Caravan features spacious leg room in the cabin and a large cargo area for carrying passengers baggage.

“The improved reliability of a new aircraft will result in greater support for local air service, and will enable us to continue offering reliable service that will provide customers with confidence flying out of their local airport compared to other transportation options, including driving or flying from other airports in the region,” said Storz. “This new craft that has joined our fleet will allow us to seek new markets and start service quicker than ever before.”

The latest Cessna Caravan joins the Air Choice One’s existing fleet of 12 Caravans that operate in all Lower 48 routes. Air Choice One fleet standardization results in, high dispatch reliability, customer comfort, and other operational efficiencies.

About Air Choice One

Based in St. Louis, MO, Air Choice One was launched as a scheduled airline serving to hard-to-reach communities, and supports their economic development by increasing business productivity while enhancing the travel experience for business and leisure travelers alike. Air Choice One markets enjoy the benefits of efficient, scheduled airline service into larger cities, like St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis packaged in a “First-Class” service and seating format. Air Choice One’s goal is to deliver the highest quality and reliability in scheduled commercial air service.