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Air Choice One Moves Jonesboro Flights to St. Louis

St. Louis, MO: March 2, 2018 – Air Choice One, a St. Louis based regional airline, has updated its schedule of flights for Jonesboro, offering additional weekend, roundtrip flights to St. Louis. Two weekend flights have been added, including one on Saturday and one on Sunday. These flights will replace two less popular mid-day flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The updated schedule is effective as of March 1, 2018.

The new Saturday flight departs STL at 11:00am, arrives JBR 12:30pm, then departs JBR at 1:00pm to arrive STL at 2:30. The Sunday flight departs STL 3:00pm, arrives JBR 4:30pm, then departs JBR 5:00pm to arrive STL 6:30pm.

This change of schedule accommodates the higher demand for weekend flights. Air Choice One has been serving the Jonesboro market since 2012.

“The Jonesboro community is wonderful, and we are always looking to provide the best service possible for them,” said Shane Storz, CEO of Air Choice One. “Flights to and from St. Louis on the weekends are popular, and understandably so. We want to provide service where it is most needed, and we believe moving this flight will benefit a lot of our passengers.”

The flight schedule has already been implemented, and passengers can book roundtrip weekend flights for St. Louis from Jonesboro on the Air Choice One’s website.

About Air Choice One

Based in St. Louis, MO, Air Choice One was launched as a scheduled airline serving to hard-to-reach communities, and supports their economic development by increasing business productivity while enhancing the travel experience for business and leisure travelers alike. Air Choice One markets enjoy the benefits of efficient, scheduled airline service into larger cities, like St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis packaged in a “First-Class” service and seating format. Air Choice One’s goal is to deliver the highest quality and reliability in scheduled commercial air service.


Air Choice Once Moves Fort Dodge Flights to St. Louis

St. Louis, MO: February 28, 2018 – As a result of increased passenger demand, Air Choice One, a St. Louis based regional airline, has updated its schedule of flights from Ft. Dodge to St. Louis. Starting March 1, 2018, an additional flight to St. Louis will be available each weekday at 7:30 AM as well as on the weekends at 9 AM. The new flight to St. Louis will replace one less traveled Minneapolis flight, which previously left Ft. Dodge weekdays at 6:30 AM and weekends at 9 AM.

Because of this, there will no longer be weekend flights to Minneapolis, but passengers to St. Louis will have more availability to travel. Air Choice One’s flight schedules from Fort Dodge, IA to Mason City, IA, and Chicago, IL are unchanged.

“We are honored to provide service to the Fort Dodge community,” said Shane Storz, CEO of Air Choice One. “We always look out for what will best meet our passenger’s needs, and there has been a high demand for more flights to St. Louis. Switching one of our flights that had previously flown to Minneapolis so that it now flies to St. Louis allows us to best meet the needs of our passengers using the resources we already have. We look forward to continuing our service to the Fort Dodge community, and keeping open communication so we can respond in a way that benefits them”

The changed flight will start going to St. Louis March 1st, 2018. Flights will still continue to Minneapolis and Fort Dodge’s other destinations.

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