Air Choice One Proposes Air Service Renewal Options to Jonesboro, AR

St. Louis, MO: September 18, 2017 – Air Choice One, a St. Louis based airline, announced that the carrier has submitted a proposal to provide Essential Air Service to the U.S. Department of Transportation for renewal in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Air Choice One has submitted the airline’s proposal to the government under the Essential Air Service Program which provides communities throughout the United States with air service to connect smaller cities to the national air transportation network. With their continued growth, Air Choice One is looking to offer the Jonesboro community flights to St. Louis and New Orleans. Air Choice One started service in Jonesboro in February 2012.

“Since Air Choice One began our partnership in Jonesboro in 2012, we’ve demonstrated our ability to provide reliable, convenient air service to the community and have experienced dramatic growth in the market averaging over 9,500 passengers per year. . We are excited for the opportunity to not only continue our service to the Jonesboro community, but also to offer the region access to locations such as St. Louis and New Orleans that are great destinations for vacation and travel, but are also connecting hubs to the national air transportation network,” said Shane Storz, CEO of Air Choice One. “Air Choice One is committed to delivering these same dramatic increases and sustaining these numbers over time, as well as continuing our support of the Jonesboro community and non-profits. We believe in Jonesboro and are looking forward to continuing our focus on sustained growth in the market and advocacy for the Jonesboro community.”

The Air Choice One proposal includes weekday and weekend service of 18 total round trips per week, utilizing a Beechcraft 1900 and Cessna Grand Caravan. Both planes feature plenty of legroom, expanded storage/luggage capacity and an air-conditioned/heated cabin for passenger comfort.

About Air Choice One

Based in St. Louis, MO, Air Choice One was launched as a scheduled airline serving to hard-to-reach communities, and supports their economic development by increasing business productivity while enhancing the travel experience for business and leisure travelers alike. Air Choice One markets enjoy the benefits of efficient, scheduled airline service into larger cities, like St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis packaged in a “First-Class” service and seating format. Air Choice One’s goal is to deliver the highest quality and reliability in scheduled commercial air service.