Pets and Animals

Air Choice One will happily carry your furry friend!


ACO has the ability to carry animals.  YOU MUST NOTIFY ACO IF YOU WILL BE CARRYING AN ANIMAL AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED FLIGHT.  If we agree to carry your animal, they will be carried subject to the following conditions:

  • We will accept one live animal per flight.  Multiple live animals are not permitted on our aircraft.  All animals will be subject to a space available policy and will be based on a first come, first served basis.  Pet reservations are highly recommended.
  • All animals must be accompanied by a human passenger.
  • The largest pet carrier we can accommodate on our aircraft measures at 27’’ x 20’’ x 19’’.   Pet carrier must be leak-proof and well ventilated.
  • All animals must be 35 pounds or less to be considered for carriage on our aircraft.
  • You must ensure that animals are properly crated and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit, failing which they will not be accepted for carriage. If proper papers are not available prior to boarding, ACO has the right to deny the boarding of your animal.
  • An animal that is properly crated must be able to stand in the carrier.
  • Applicable pet fee is required before boarding of pet.
  • Pets are subject to a $25.00 fee.
  • Carrier will not transport pets in the aircraft cargo compartments.
  • Certain unusual animals/reptiles which pose unavoidable safety and/or public health concerns, such as snakes, other reptiles, rodents, and spiders, will not be accepted for transport by Air Choice One.
  • Air Choice One reserves the right to deny the carriage of any animals at any time. Carrier retains the right, at any time to refuse to transport any pet that exhibits aggressive behavior.
  • Pet must be healthy, harmless, inoffensive, and odorless and require no attention during the flight.
  • Dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old for travel and must be able to travel.
  • Pregnant animals past 45 days of gestation are not allowed on board carrier.
  • Air Choice One allows carriage of one animal per flight.
  • Please check with other carriers if making a connecting flight for the policies and procedures of that carrier, ACO is not liable for the policies and procedures of another carrier.


Service Animals

ACO accepts fully trained dogs and service animals. Service animals that are accompanying a disabled passenger or government official will be carried at no additional charge to the customer.

ACO can only carry one live animal per flight. Service animals will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.  In the event of two animals present we will accommodate subsequent passenger(s) on the next available flight(s) with human passenger. Service animals must meet the following conditions:

  • A service animal must be identified as such.  Acceptable evidence includes identification cards, other written documentation, and presence of harnesses, tags or the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal.
  • Service animals must be controlled by the passenger traveling with the animal.  If the animal cannot be controlled, ACO reserves the right to refuse the boarding of this animal.
  • Service animals must be restricted to the passenger’s area and must not invade the area of another passenger.
  • ACO passengers who are traveling with a service dog will not be seated near the exits for the safety of all passengers.  We must ensure that all aisles and exits are not blocked in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Passengers who want to travel with an animal that is used for emotional support must provide to ACO documentation from a licensed mental health professional stating the animal is indeed needed for the service of a passenger.  The documentation must be dated within a year of the scheduled travel date.
  • Assistance animals in training will not be accepted by Carrier for transport.
  • All animals traveling are the full responsibility of the accompanying passenger.  ACO is not responsible for the behavior of any animal on board our aircraft.