Travel Policy

Please read the information provided and view the diagrams/pictures on this page to learn about Air Choice One’s travel policies. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us.

Tarmac Delays

We will not allow our passengers to be subjected to a Tarmac Delay of more than 90 minutes.

Tarmac Delays are defined as the total elapsed time that customers are held on the ground. At ACO, Radixx is our official source for flight times. A Tarmac Delay can be one of the following:

  1. Departure or taxi delay – this time starts with our “out” time “off the gate” and ends when the flight takes off (“off time”) or returns to a gate or location where passengers are allowed to deplane “in time”.
  2. During a diversion – This time starts once the aircraft has landed “on time” and ends when the aircraft blocks “in” at a gate or location where passengers can be deplaned or the aircraft becomes airborne again in route to its destination.
  3. Arrival Delay – this time is similar to the diversion – time begins when the aircraft lands “on time” and ends when it blocks in either at a gate or location where passengers can be deplaned.

Here at ACO safety is our #1 and utmost concern. We will take every precaution to meet the needs of our passengers onboard our planes that have excessive ground delays without access to the gate. Because of this we have implemented plans to ensure that the correct steps will be taken to maintain safety, reliability, and effective operations.

Tarmac Delays will be reported and followed by ACO in a safe and timely manner as follows:

  1. Delay Reports – The guideline provided by the DOT for aircraft movement is very specific. When passengers have the opportunity to deplane ACO is allowed to record the time which resets the “clock” which is considered an “in” time. At ACO this is a manual process and the correct times are confirmed after the delay event and may be corrected in our system if necessary.
  2. Before the Tarmac Delay: If a Tarmac Delay is anticipated due to weather or ATC, our Captain will coordinate with Flight Control and our Lead Ground Service Coordinator (GSC) to update our passengers with anticipated time of delay or possible cancellation of the flight.

Flight Control will implement plans to prevent or reduce the possibility of extended Tarmac Delays and the effected stations will be alerted. If the flight has an expected departure clearance time (EDCT) or known ground stop, then ACO will attempt to delay boarding.

The GSC once advised of the plans should make a pre-boarding announcement to our passengers and inform them that a delay is possible. When a ground delay reaches 40 minutes the Captain will inform Flight Control and brief the passengers with up-to-date information about the delay and keep them informed every 15 minutes, even if there has been no change. The Captain will make sure the passengers are comfortable during long Tarmac Delays.

When a delay reaches 90 minutes: unless the aircraft “off time” is imminent the Captain will coordinate with Flight Control, ATC, and the station to taxi back to the gate.

Following a delay event the Captain and Lead GSC will fill out an Unusual Incident Report (UIR) to Flight Control with the pertinent information in regards to the delay. If the passengers were not returned to the gate and deplaned within the time specified the reason shall be included in the UIR , example; ATC, Safety, Imminent Departure. This information will then be forwarded to the appropriate personnel within the company and to Airport Services.

ACO will maintain a monthly log of each delay that exceeds these times and procedures. All reports will be kept for one year.

Airplane Caravan Diagram

The executive seating options on our planes take you to extreme places in extreme comfort and our flexible seating configurations provide for up to 12 passengers and two pilots. Check out the diagram below:

Piper Chieftain Information

Diagrams for the Piper Cheiftain are available as a PDF. Please click the button below to view them in your browser or download them to your computer.

Piper Cheiftain Diagram