All Flights to Original Routes & Flight Times After Chicago Center Fire

The Flight Operations Department at Air Choice One is happy to announce on Monday, October 13, 2014 all flights will be returning to their regular scheduled destinations and flight times. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding through this difficult event.

  • The FAA has been working 24/7 to install a new network of almost 10 miles of communication and radar wires throughout the entire Chicago Center. This installation has now been completed at the midpoint of this week (10/8/14).
  • The FAA is going to be launching test flights in and out of the Chicago Center (ZAU) controlling sectors to test the aircraft tracking and communication abilities with the new wires.
  • Overnight Sunday, 10/12 into early morning Monday, 10/13 the FAA will transfer radar and communication services back to Chicago Center (ZAU) for all Air Choice One Flights.

Air Choice One Flight Operations has strategically integrated crews and aircraft with our modified operations schedule (current schedule) so that there may be a seamless transition Sunday night into Monday morning back to our original schedule with flights in and out of ORD from BRL/DEC. Again, we would like to thank all of our passengers and crews for their understanding through this tribulation.

For Booking Information please visit or call 866-435-9847.


Temporary Schedule Revision Due to Impact of Fire at Chicago ATC Center

The Flight Operations Department at Air Choice One has been working around the clock at developing fixes and processing information given by various agencies and operators with relation to the Chicago Center airspace and the relation to our ORD operations. Here is what we know and are doing:

  • There are contractors assessing damage to the Chicago Center (ZAU) radar facility after damage caused by the fires and resulting water to extinguish the blaze.
  • Right now, it is estimated that it could take at least 1 month to get the facility back and running/ staffed fully. From that point, it may take an additional month to get things back to 100% without delays.
  • We have discussed operational plans with numerous controlling agencies (Minneapolis Center, Kansas City, and Indianapolis Center) with routing to get us clearances to and from ORD. There is no standardized plan in place to deal with this particular situation: Many experimental fixes are being discussed.
  • DEC / BRL routes are uniquely affected by the Chicago Center outage. They fall underneath the Chicago Center veil of airspace and getting a clearance to fly from those airports to ORD has been very complicated / next to impossible. Since the airspace is “owned” by Chicago Center they have to give authorization to neighboring centers/agencies to release aircraft. At this time, Chicago Center is not staffed in such a way to issue such authorization.
  • IWD is affected a bit differently from DEC / BRL as they are controlled by Minneapolis Center and their jurisdiction allows the air craft and flights to receive clearance to ORD. However, due to route congestion we are experiencing lengthy and sometimes extended delays.
  • Air choice One Flight Operations has actively pursued alternate routes for the DEC / BRL to ORD segments. Together with the Decatur Airport (DEC) and the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport (BRL) arrangements have been made for all Chicago bound flights to be rerouted to St. Louis. All passengers will have an opportunity to make alternative travel plans that include an option to depart from St. Louis Lambert or work with Air Choice One Customer Service (1-866-435-9847) to resolve their individual service need.
  • This schedule substitution is scheduled to last for about two weeks but possibly longer; please stay tuned to for the latest information.

*Temporary Schedule Revision Due to Impact of Fire at Chicago ATC Center*
Effective 09/30/14 Through 10/12/14 Pending Further Updates From Chicago O’Hare
Temporary Changes Shown Below in RED