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Air Consumer Protection and Enforcement

It is the job of Air Choice One to offer equal opportunity to all travelers.  Air Choice One will not refuse to provide air transportation to any traveler due to a disability.  All passengers must conform to the FAA approved operating procedures for passengers with disabilities.

Customers who need assistance will be happily assisted by Air Choice One employees.  A controlled and appropriate amount of assistance will be offered. Air Choice One employees are not permitted to carry any passenger on board.

ACO will not require any person(s) with a disability to be accompanied by a guardian unless it is determined by ACO that a guardian is needed for the safety of the passenger.  This could include, but is not limited to:  an individual who cannot mentally comprehend the safety procedures of the aircraft, an individual with severe mobility impairment that could cause them to be unable to evacuate/board the aircraft, individuals who are severely impaired in both hearing and vision and are unable to communicate clearly to ACO staff.

If ACO concludes that assistance is necessary for the safety of their passenger, we will offer the guardian free travel subject to seat availability.  If the flight is full and the guardian is unable to get on the flight, we may, in our discretion, ask for a volunteer aboard the flight to assist the disabled individual in case of an emergency situation, if that option is acceptable to the disabled individual and the guardian.

Air Choice One may refuse to provide transportation to any customer that could cause a violation of Federal regulations of the FAA and/or TSA. ACO will not discriminate against any disabled individual based solely on their disability.

Please visit the Air Carrier Access Act form supplied by the DOT titled Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in air Travel in section: 14 CFR Part 382 for more details.


Contact the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division with any questions:

Via Mail at:
C-75, US Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE. West Building, Room W96-432
Washington, D.C. 20590

Via Web at:

Via Phone at:
Voice:  1-800-778-4838
TTY: 1-800-455-9880

View Disability Act Document