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Alert for St. Louis Lambert International travelers: please be aware that the Air Choice One ticket counter has been relocated. Please click the link below to see our new location. 


                                                    New Ticket Counter Location at the St. Louis Lambert International Airport


Cancellation Fee Policies

Air Choice One Airlines normally charges Customers a fee to cancel their flight. If a Customer’s plans change or decide they no longer want to travel due to the COVID-19, the funds used to pay for their flight can be applied to future travel – as long as they cancel their flight at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure. The funds are valid for future travel up to one year from the original purchase date and must be used by the individual named on the ticket. More information on policies related to travel funds can be found on We hope these policies provide our Customers with flexibility and peace of mind as they plan their travel.

Ongoing Updates

As we make any changes to our operations or procedures, we will keep this page updated with the most current information. It will remain available via our homepage at

Frequently Asked Questions: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Can I receive a refund if I’ve booked an Air Choice One ticket and feel uncomfortable flying?

Nonrefundable tickets not flown on the travel date, but canceled in accordance with Air Choice One’s No Show Policy, can be applied to future travel up to one year from the original purchase date but must be used by the individual named on the ticket. Refundable tickets not flown on the travel date can also be applied to future travel. More information on refunds can be found on Air Choice We hope these policies continue to give our Customers flexibility and options for travel planning.

Will my flight be canceled because of concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Air Choice One does not serve Europe or Asia and, at this time, has not suspended any scheduled flights or routes due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Of course, Air Choice One will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments to our operations, as necessary or required.

Do your aircraft also fly to international destinations?

Air Choice One operates domestic flights only.

Are face masks being offered on your aircraft?

Air Choice One is not providing face masks to all Customers as the CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.

Can Customers bring hand sanitizers onboard your aircraft when traveling?

Absolutely. We do ask that you adhere to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) regulations for carrying gels or liquids through airport security checkpoints, of course.

Is Air Choice One recommending any specific actions to Customers?

There are no special precautions necessary for air travel. We recommend the CDC’s website as a resource for ways that Customers can best protect themselves from becoming ill. Additionally, Customers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes when traveling. Of course, Customers should not travel if experiencing any signs of illness.

What do I need to know if I’m traveling to a destination outside of the U.S.?

Some governments have implemented COVID-19 restrictions specific to air passengers who have traveled to destinations in Europe and Asia within the previous 14 days. These restrictions are dynamic and are updated frequently, so we suggest Customers reference International Air Transport Association for the latest guidance ahead of any international travel.