All Flights to Original Routes & Flight Times After Chicago Center Fire

The Flight Operations Department at Air Choice One is happy to announce on Monday, October 13, 2014 all flights will be returning to their regular scheduled destinations and flight times. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding through this difficult event.

  • The FAA has been working 24/7 to install a new network of almost 10 miles of communication and radar wires throughout the entire Chicago Center. This installation has now been completed at the midpoint of this week (10/8/14).
  • The FAA is going to be launching test flights in and out of the Chicago Center (ZAU) controlling sectors to test the aircraft tracking and communication abilities with the new wires.
  • Overnight Sunday, 10/12 into early morning Monday, 10/13 the FAA will transfer radar and communication services back to Chicago Center (ZAU) for all Air Choice One Flights.

Air Choice One Flight Operations has strategically integrated crews and aircraft with our modified operations schedule (current schedule) so that there may be a seamless transition Sunday night into Monday morning back to our original schedule with flights in and out of ORD from BRL/DEC. Again, we would like to thank all of our passengers and crews for their understanding through this tribulation.

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