Air Choice One Participates in TSA PreCheck® for Customer Convenience

Air Choice One Participates in TSA PreCheck® for Customer Convenience

The Missouri-based airline, Air Choice One, has worked diligently with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to integrate TSA PreCheck® capabilities into their digital properties for an enhanced passenger experience.


25 March 2021 – Air Choice One is pleased to announce the integration of TSA PreCheck® into their customer booking experience. After considerable outreach from their passengers, Air Choice One sought to improve its offerings by incorporating this program.

Travelers with a Known Traveler Number (KTN) in reservations should see the TSA PreCheck® indication on Air Choice One's boarding passes and online check-in and can enjoy expedited and simplified security screening. Trusted travelers can avoid removing shoes, belts, liquids, food items, laptops, and light jackets during the airport screening process.

TSA reported that in February 2021, 100% of passengers in TSA PreCheck® lanes waited less than five minutes.


"We are very excited to launch this offering for our loyal Air Choice One passengers. We believe this enhancement will open more opportunities for future growth and development."  -  Shane Storz, President & CEO, Air Choice One


TSA PreCheck® is available for eligible passengers when departing from a U.S. airport or when connecting on domestic flights after returning to the United States. Travelers who are U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and U.S. lawful permanent residents can apply for TSA PreCheck for a cost of $85 for a five-year membership. Some credit cards and loyalty programs offer TSA PreCheck® as a member benefit.

Once approved, travelers receive a unique "Known Traveler Number" (KTN) that, when added to an airline reservation, makes them eligible to use TSA PreCheck lanes at security checkpoints nationwide when traveling on any of the 82 participating airlines. Most new enrollees receive a KTN within three to five days. 

Other eligible passengers for TSA PreCheck® include members of the three U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Trusted Traveler programs – Global EntryNEXUS, and SENTRI. To find the program that best suits your travel needs, use the Department of Homeland Security's trusted traveler comparison toolTSA PreCheck is also available for U.S. Armed Forces service members, including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves, and National Guard.


Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Air Choice One is a commuter airline that is devoted to delivering comfort, value, and convenience to its passengers. Its fleet of aircraft operates on a community-specific flight scheduling system, including providing regular service to hard-to-reach areas. The airline is run by a team of operations and maintenance professionals with greater than 60 years of combined industry experience.


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