Air Choice One Wins Jock English Award for Supremacy in Customer Service

The Missouri-based airline Air Choice One has recently won the Jock English Award for Supremacy in Customer Service during the 2021 Airline Growth Summit Awards held by InteliSys Aviation Systems. 


2 March 2021 – InteliSys Aviation Systems hosted its Airline Growth Summit 2021 Awards Ceremony on Friday, 26 February, 2021. In the ceremony, four separate airlines are pronounced winners in four different categories. Air Choice One was named and nominated for their efforts in "Humanitarian Excellence" and their "Supremacy in Customer Service". InteliSys Aviation awarded Air Choice One the Jock English Award for Supremacy in Customer Service for 2021, specifically for its emphasis on customer satisfaction and commitment. 

"While all award finalists were very deserving this year, Air Choice One stood out to the 2021 judging panel for their commitment to connecting with each of their customers; giving their attention to both complaints and raving remarks, making bad situations a little bit better, and good experiences great." - InteliSys Aviation Representative.

Air Choice One is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. From ownership to agents, Air Choice One shows care and concern for their passengers in the air and on the ground. Air Choice One is privileged and honored to receive such a prestigious award in honor of Jock English, former CEO of InteliSys Aviation Systems. 


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